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Late summer here in upstate New York (zone 6), and just as harvesting begins, so does the hibiscus flower shower.  And it doesn’t disappoint.

It’s nice to have a tropcial infusion in the gardens in a place that’s far from tropical… except for maybe the humidity on hot days. 😉

Hardy Perennial Hibiscus varieties make this all possible.  (To read all about growing them, see Charlie.)

These big fat dinnerplate blossoms are among my summer faves!  They do take forever to bloom, so when they do, it’s an exciting time!


The smaller scale blooms of the Rose of Sharon are quite lovely, too.  I see them in most every yard this time of year.





Both of these bloomers bring lots of hummingbirds and butterflies in, so I’m seriously loving Hibiscus season!


Do grow Hibiscus?  Tell me which kind! Better yet, share a photo with me on Facebook!