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When we welcomed cute little chicks to our family in March, we suspected one might be a rooster.  Two of our six chicks were unsexed Rhode Island Reds, so we were aware that it was a possiblity.

Soon after we got them, curiosity got the better of me & I just couldn’t wait to find out if we would have a rooster on our hands.  So I scoured the interwebs for answers.

I found this video and spotted some clues that Danny was a cockerel.

chicks reds3While I couldn’t tell if he had little nubs on the back of his legs that would develop into spurs, he did NOT have the dark stipe on the back of his head, while the other RIR clearly did. He also had much thicker legs than all of the other chicks.

He really had a different body shape than the rest of the flock, too.  This is just my personal observation — but his chest was a little bit puffier & he stood a little bit taller than the others from the get-go.  He was just born with machismo. LOL

There is definitely no doubt now that he is indeed a rooster.


These pics don’t really do him justice.  When the sunlight hits his tail feathers they shimmer with a vibrant iradescent sheen.

He enjoys chasing the girls around and ruffling his neck feathers to show them he’s boss now.  He’s like the king of the coop!


Danny, RIR, 4 months old

While he is not crowing yet, we often hear him practicing his Cock-a-doodle-doo.  But his voice is still quite scratchy.  I’m not looking forward to the day that he gets the hang of it… I’m sure it won’t be long before that happens.

Care to share your Rooster pics with me?

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** RIR = Rhode Island Red chicken breed