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tulips 8



Among my favorites in the Spring flower garden are tulips, no doubt.  And as part of my fun planting adventures, I went with something a little different than the typical pastel colors that are popping up all over our neighborhood as the daffodils fade away.


Last Fall I planted Queen of the Night Tulip bulbs.

We just bought our house a couple of years ago and we really didn’t have any tulips coming up in the Spring, besides a few red parrot tulips that were smashed in next to the grapevines.  Those were a tasty treat for the deer apparently, so I really didn’t see much of them.


Keeping in mind that spring bulbs can be pricey, I just bought 1 bag of 10 bulbs, with plans to add a little bit more each year.  I was delighted when 13 flowers came to life! (Thanks, Burpee.com!)

tulips 2



They are quite tall and elegant!  I wanted a burst of rich color in my front landscape, but I failed to keep in mind that this Dwarf Japanese Maple fills in quickly early in the Spring.  Not the best backdrop for these babies.


tulips 3

While they are quite stunning up close, my garden design #fail has pretty much zero curb appeal.

I was expecting a true black shade, but the blossoms are more of a jewel-tone burgundy that blends with the maple foliage when looking at them from a short distance.


tulips 4


In direct sunlight, they show off their vibrant color.

But, if you look down into the center or notice them on a more overcast day, they are bold and dark.  My husband jokingly calls them my goth tulips. Haha!


tulips 7

tulips 8I’m making a mental note to plant lighter colored tulip bulbs in the Fall to add some drama as I expand this space in the Spring flower beds.  What color would you choose to cozy up next to these bold beauties?


Stay tuned for a special post on Deer-Proofing Tulips (which is a must in my neck of the woods) coming soon.