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I find this time of year especially captivating because the emergence of Springtime flowers is something I never experienced living in the desert.  Deligthful Daffodils were something I had to get from the flower shop in Phoenix, so having them burst into color in my own personal garden here is a treasure!

2 years ago, I planted Spring bulbs in the Fall.  I’m really enjoying watching how they multiply each year.



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I have a cluster of pretty pink Primroses that add a stunning pop of color in the center of my front landscape.  Great curb appeal! I’d love to add more.

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Among my favorite in the flower beds this year are Grape Hyacinths.  They are tight and bright; standing tall now (in early May)!  I’m glad I’ve planted them in various places in the front & backyard gardens.

I’m already thinking of adding some more near the daffodils for a beautiful contrast of color next year!

blog 26

While I’m still waiting for my tulips to bloom, I’m really enjoying the Bleeding Hearts.

This plant was a volunteer (it sprouted up unexpectedly) last year.  It was struggling to rise in a very sunny spot in my flower beds and I had almost mistaken it for a weed.  I chose to wait it out to see what it would become and I was delighted when I saw one tiny bleeding heart pod dangling from a stem.

I have seen these beauties around the neighborhood and I had made a mental note that I wanted one in my garden — and there it was!

But, after some research I learned that it needed a little more shade.  So, I carefully dug it up and moved it to a more shady spot.  It’s really thriving here!

I’m so proud of this dainty little bleeding hearts plant! It’s a wonderfully unique adition to my perennial flower garden.


SO, tell me — What’s blooming in your garden now?


P.S. Check out this post dedicated to my unique Tulips.