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Butterlfy Photo Bomb!

Butterlfy Photo Bomb!

Here in my neck of the woods, we just survived the COLDEST MONTH ON RECORD. Sure, Spring may {technically} only be a couple of weeks away, but with snow banks up to our necks and frost-bitten fingertips? It’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In desperate need of a little reprieve, my mother-in-law and my 7 yr old son and I went out for a day of fun.

Enter the Strong Museum of Play here in Rochester, New York.

After we mosied through much of the museum, following my little guy’s lead as he enjoyed exhibits along the way, we joined up with a group of museum-goers and shuffled into the Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden.


It was like stepping into a tropical oasis.  I revelled in the warmth and humidity, although it was a slight shock to my system at first! (I suppose I’m becoming more acclamated than I thought.)

I rolled up my long sleeves as butterfly wings fluttered all around us.

Pure heaven.


So delicate and divine.  I was grateful that these beauties were still enough for me to snap a few pics to remember them.  (It will surely be months before I see them in my garden.)



My little guy was a bit weary of them.  He preferred to watch the turtles and fish.



The gloriousness of these bright colors were certainly soothing to my eyes that have become accustomed to blankets of white on the ground.



Perhaps it’s through the contrast of cold, colorless winters that we can truly appreciate the beauty of nature. {click to tweet}

Have you found an oasis to enjoy this winter? I’d love to hear about it!! Tell  me all about it in the comments below or join me on Facebook!