We’ve had our first snow flurries of the season. While I’m thankful the freezing temps waited until November — the day after the Full Snow Moon, at that — weather like this still makes me feel uneasy. I even feel a little sense of dread, and that is not like me. I’m usually quite an optimist!

This will be my 3rd winter here in upstate New York, but I’m still a Valley Girl from the sunny Southwest. The cold and me don’t really jibe. Sure, my body has acclimated to the Northeast… somewhat. But, it was I, who demanded (affectionately, of course) that we turn the heat on in the house in early November. My hubs, a Native New Yorker, could have lasted a little longer with just the little space heaters on us at night and tried to squeeze one more month out of those the comfortably affordable gas and electric bills. Me? Not so much. I like to be warm. Heat doesn’t bother me. But the cold actually hurts, right down to my bones!

Now the heat is on.

And I’ve made a promise to myself to embrace winter, in all it’s glory. I vow to let go of my complaining, eye-rolling and sarcastic remarks about any Polar Vortex that decides to blow over Lake Ontario. (Ok, well, maybe not the sarcasm. Let’s not get too crazy!) I’ll refrain from cursing Mother Nature for the blasts of snow this year. Who needs that kind of negativity?

And maybe… just maybe…. I’ll become one those Winter Enthusiasts who look forward to mounds of the fluffy white stuff. But, I won’t hold my breath.

What are your feelings about this season, Winter? Love it or Hate it?