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I have a thing for angels. Paintings of angels and pretty little figurines adorn my walls and shelves. I feel their presence around me all the time, so I bring them more into my physical world through fabulous decor. Naturally, I wanted to expand my angelic collection to my garden spaces, too.

A pretty flower garden is not complete without a peaceful angel statue, in my opinion!

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(Don’t mind all the Fall debris. We’ve had some nasty weather and I’m a bit behind on my Fall clean-up!)

I’ve been delighted to discover an array of angelic flowers that add beauty to the garden, too!

Angel's  Trumpet

These crisp white Angel’s Trumpets, for example.

I had grabbed a couple of plants from my local farmer’s market one day in late July, as I was feeling a little desperate to fill in some gaps of my front flower beds. (Now remember, I’m a novice gardener, so I usually don’t know what any particular plant is unless it has a label somewhere.) These were tagged: Campanula Milan. So, I was expecting pink and purple bell flowers, just like in the picture.

When trumpet-shaped blooms opened up I was surprised! And holy wow! I could smell their intoxicating fragrance from several feet away. I was happy that I had planted them near my front door, so all of my guests could enjoy them, too.

unnamed (28)

And these delicate pink Angel-Wing Begnonias beautify a shady garden space now. It is such an interesting plant that really adds character here. It is nestled nicely into a space that has been a tricky for me to fill, as it gets so much shade in the summer when the grape leaves take over the pergola in the center of the garden. Beautiful begonias have become a shady-spot-blessing!

Before I tuck my flowers in for the winter, I just had to share these angelic beauties with you!

SO, tell me: Have you added angels to your garden spaces? I’d love to hear about what kind of beauty you are cultivating!