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Sage Flowers
1.) Herbs add color because they FLOWER, too!

2.) They grow like weeds, with very little help. If you are willing to make them a nice home in the sun (where most herbs flourish), plenty of room for expansion, and a snip here and there, they will WOW you. (Trust me, I am a complete novice at this whole gardening thing still and my herbs have really boosted my confidence in the garden.)

3.) Lavender. Rosemary. Mint… Oh My! They smell soooooo incredibly good!

4.) They keep coming back. Yeah, that’s right! Many herbs are perennial. So, it’s one and done with these babies. Sage, oregano and mint are among my personal faves because the harshest winter ever (ok — maybe just for me!) didn’t even phase them. They were among the first to show up in the springtime, too.

5.) They add texture and contrast in the garden. I prefer the light-colored green of sage leaves as a back drop for darker colored flowers and foliage. It really makes them pop!