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Look! It's a Heart!

Lately, I’ve been working tirelessly in my gardens to naturally repel menacing woodchucks. Perhaps you’ve seen the comical kids movie, Over The Hedge? Picture the crazy Lady who tried everything to keep the critters out of her suburban landscape. That’s how I must have looked last week! Pretty sure I scared my son’s friends one day when I ran out the back door, barefoot, ranting and raving, after glancing out my kitchen window to find a big one digging a hole right in the front of my raised beds. Oops!

While we have made some progress (an update post on that coming soon), I had to get my mind off of my mission to safely deter the destructive Marmots. I realized that I had been focusing so much on defending my precious garden and repairing damage, that I was missing out on the beauty that was all around me!

This is what I want to preserve. It deserves my attention and appreciation. After all; what we focus on, we get more of.

Rose of Sharon

This delightful Rose of Sharon, bursting with beautiful blooms, reminded me of the abundance and balance in nature. And in our lives, too.

It stands tall and full near the corner of our home. The buds appeared weeks ago, and now the petals are blushing with color and beginning to gently unfurl.

The aroma is so captivating that I find myself standing in front of it and just breathing deeply. Perhaps this is the very reason why these flowers, and so many others, smell so sweet. So, we can stop. Let go of whatever is troubling us. And just breathe. ❤ Thank you, Mother Nature! That’s exactly what I needed.