Delphinium (spring)

Summer is swiftly approaching. I live for the sun and feel truly alive –most like myself– during the summertime! It reminds me of my former desert home that I miss dearly (although, not quite as much this time of year)! Actually feeling the warmth from the sunlight on my skin recharges my batteries and awakens my soul.

It’s obvious that my flowers are feeling the sweet sunshine now, too. The beautiful Delphinium is standing tall, soaking up the rays and blossoming from the bottom up. Love the sky blue hue!

Sage Flowers

This bountiful Sage plant seems very happy in my garden. It has most definitely quadrupled in size since I first planted it here last summer. I find these sprigs of purple blossoms exquisite!


Lupine is the newest addition to my little garden-family. My 7 year old son helped me pick them out at our local Farmer’s Market to add to a quaint little Hummingbird/Butterfly garden we have created near our deck. This is the first show of it’s beautiful color, and I’m anxious to see what more it has to offer!

Thai Basil

While my sister was visiting last week, she eyed this perky little Thai Basil plant at the market. We both agreed it deserved a space in the garden. These tiny indigo flowers are simply adorable, don’t you think?!

There’s so much to love about all of these beauties in the garden right now, I can’t choose a favorite. I love knowing that there’s more to come this summer!! Tell me…. What’s bringing you joy in your garden today?