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The Earth is really waking up from a long winter’s slumber in my neck of the woods!  The transformation is something I don’t take for granted.  Coming from the Southwestern US, where the transitioning seasons is hardly noticeable; I wait and watch with childlike wonder as the buds appear on tree branches.  I am delighted when green leaves spring to life.

As the landscape of our woodland yard breathes new life, I find myself wanting to spend every waking moment outside.  (And we are finally having some weather that I can get on board with!)  I’ve surely been missing the warmth of the sun and some Vitamin D!

Green is everywhere I turn.  The peonies are coming along nicely….


Peonies (Springtime)


Mint is popping up in the raised beds.


And oh, how the oregano is hard to tame! Even this early in the season.



I was surprised to see the delphinium shooting up through the wreckage of our relentless winter storms.


This Spring greening is a bit delayed here in upstate New York, but it is so very welcomed!