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Being the girlie-girl that I am, I LOVE hearts!  I dot my i’s with hearts.  I use the heart emoticon more than most.  Most of my jewelry consists of heart-shaped pendants and gems.  That’s just how I roll…

Naturally the month of February, the hostess of Valentines Day, is the time I really let my hearts out! But, because I have all boys in my home, I focus on one area of our home to smother with hearts, hearts and more hearts.  (You know… since I’d never hear the end of it if I did this throughout the entire house!)

This year, I chose our front entryway to adorn with pretty little HEARTS!


The heart-shaped wreath that adorns our front door is store-bought.  The paper-hearts garland was Oh-So-Easy to make.  Using pink, red, white and striped scrap-booking paper, I traced a heart stencil and cut them out.  Punched a hole in the top center of each heart and pulled some regular, run-of-the-mill twine through the holes.  I dangled them at from the top of the window frame (inside) and taped them. I hung sheets of sheer red, glittery tulle behind the garland, but without the sun’s cooperation, I failed to capture it in the photo.  When the sun does shine, even if for a fleeting moment, it really sparkles and makes it look like the paper hearts are dancing!

After an evening of creating my oh-so-lovely Valentine-inspired entryway, the next day, my husband pointed out the window.  Look, there’s a heart outside, too.

And there was!



Sure, it’s not a perfect heart.  But, it’s so white and dreary outside.  We’ve been battling subzero temps and heavy snow storms for months now.  THIS little heart was a pleasant surprise!  It actually made my day.  Mother Nature seemed to be supporting this hearts a’la mode theme I’ve got going on here!