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Just when I think this winter cannot get any worse, we enter the polar vortex!  We just had a Herculean snowstorm last week that pounded us with several feet of snow within 24 hours.  The nasty bitterness we are experiencing today is all thanks to this severe cold snap, extending from the North Pole, as I understand it.  When I checked my iPhone this morning, it showed an actual temperature of -2, with wind chills at -27.  Now, that.  is.  cold.  A stinging, bone-chilling kind of cold.

This is only my second winter here in upstate New York.  And it is causing me to desperately miss my home state, Arizona.  Guess what the weather is like there today?  Sunny and 72 degrees.  I miss that.

Schools are closed today.  Thruways are shut down.  Governor Cuomo issued a state of emergency.  We are in Monroe County, where lake snow and wind chill advisories are in effect.  This arctic air is nothing to be trifled with.

This madness outside does lend way to some spectacular sights, though.

Like these icicles that seem to be suspended in time, right where they fell.


Sheets of ice hanging from houses….


And my 6 year old son put a water balloon outside to create this.


While the outside world is frozen there is beauty to be found.  I’m sure there are more captivating sights out there, but it only takes a minute for my fingers to become so painful I can no longer stand it.  So this is all I will capture today.

Do you have some pretty ice pics to share?  Feel free to post a link in the comments below or on Facebook… 😉

Stay Warm!