Leaves. Leaves. Leaves.

As you can see, my little guy just loves them. Me? Not so much.

My hubs and I have been working on the leaves for weeks. We have 3 towering maple trees near the house. Fortunately, they are just about done shedding. My hubs transports overwhelming amounts of leaves & natural debris to the very back corner of our property. It’s a peaceful spot in the woods, beneath big bushy evergreens. There, he dumps whatever I can’t fit in the compost bin or in the garden for mulch.

I’ve watched my local weather forecast — to my dismay — and I have decided I must get the rest of my Fall clean-up done before this weekend! We are expecting a good week of snow; accumulation anticipated. {Sigh} So, now is the time to finish it up…

The rain gutters need to be cleared and my son’s sand table needs to go out to the barn for winter storage. There are plenty more leaves to rake. Oh! And I have roughly 60 Spring bulbs to get into the ground. It will be a busy day for me.

I’m bundled up and ready to get out in the yard. No doubt, these chores will take all day. I’m sure I will discover more to do once I’m out there. 😉

I’ll be glad when it’s all done. Then I can enjoy preparing my family’s feast for next week. And if the weatherman is correct, I’ll experience my first White Thanksgiving.