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Yesterday I shared with you my Adventures in Growing Kale from Seed in the garden.  So today, I figured I could share with you exactly what I’ve been cooking up with all that kale!

I live a vegan lifestyle, and I eat kale regularly.  The health benefits of kale are through the roof, so I’ve made it a staple in my diet.

But since I had SO much kale growing in the garden, I had to get a little creative with it. Plus, I was aiming to get my youngest son to eat it with the rest of us.  (He is the pickiest child I’ve ever known, so this was a daunting task.)

We used it as a pizza topping.


Drizzled with a little olive oil, it gets quite crispy in the oven.  The flavor is divine, especially along side some artichoke hearts, peppers and garlic.  That’s how I like it anyway.  My hubs prefers it with olives and onions.

Here is my favorite pizza dough recipe.  It’s my fave because it’s so quick to prepare!

I served it mixed in with pasta, rice and quinoa.

I used it in lieu of regular lettuce on sandwiches and veggie burgers.


I tossed kale salads.  Raw kale in a salad is not for the faint of heart, though. The true flavor of the kale really shines through, so you must really love it to enjoy it that way.  I was completely astonished that this is the ONLY way my youngest son — the one who lives on pb & j and pizza — will eat it.  I am still scratching my head at this one… But, sooo happy about it, none the less!


Here’s my favorite kale salad recipe.  I like to add roasted bell peppers and it helps to ‘massage‘ the kale first. (This one is especially super as part of an anti-inflammatory diet, because it has all the helpful ingredients.)


Kale. Chips.  I feel like it’s a total farce to call these ‘chips’… I know it’s a trendy thing; everyone’s talking about them… at least in the vegan community.  Quite frankly I’m not really a big fan of them.  But, they are growing on me.  I bake them because my hubs loves them.

If you can get past the fact that they basically disintegrate in your mouth, I recommend them seasoned with adobo and garlic salt.

I’m not really into juicing or smoothie-making, but I hear kale is a great way to boost the nutrient content.

And on occasion, I do still cook it up the old-fashioned-way; the way my grandmother always cooked her collard greens — simmer it with a little water and vinegar, adding just a pinch of salt and pepper.

P.S.   Got any great kale recipes of your own?  Please share them in the comments below!


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