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While most every flowering perennial in the garden has nestled in to sleep for the winter, the roses are taking the main stage.  I guess they have a little more showing off to do before they drift into their winter slumber.

I have several rose bushes in this new place.  And I must admit, I’m totally blonde when it comes to growing roses.  I had always thought of them as very delicate plants that required lots of attention, but I’m learning this is a common misconception.  I’ve done very little with these roses and just look at them in mid-November!

Over the summer, I actually discovered several rose plants popping up in the oddest places…. I’m not sure if they were purposefully planted there at one point by the previous owners or if they were just a bit wild.


Please ignore the leaves… it’s just a never-ending battle.

I found this tiny little thing growing next to my grapevines.  It was practically smothered by weeds, behind a big hosta and hidden beneath the large grape leaves.  It got very little sun and I have no clue how it managed to produce a few gorgeous yellow blooms.

Since it was in such a horrible spot out there, I didn’t think twice about digging it up and transplanting it.  It now has a home in the flower beds at the front of the house, near other roses.  (My ultimate goal is to have a full rose garden in the front.)


Depicted above are these tall (like at least 8 ft) roses, that I can only assume are climbers?  It has produced big beautiful ivory blooms with light pink edges.  My absolute favorite rose in the garden so far.

If you know what this is please tell me in the comments below! I’d be forever grateful.

It is smack-dab in the middle of my front garden landscape. (The whole thing is a mess… it’s difficult to tell if there was ever a design in place.)  It desperately needs support.  I cringe every time I see it whipping wildly in the wind.  I am toying with the idea of doing something like THIS.


This beauty is all alone, growing along the side of the house.  It also gets very little sun.  My neighbor actually pointed it out to me one day when it was in full bloom like this.  I had no idea it was there!  I’m thinking it also deserves a place to show off in the front with it’s cousins.  But that is a project for next year….


I call this one my baby!  It is about 18 in’tall and sits in front of a huge hibiscus. Strange placement, but it’s so happy there, I decided to leave it… for now.  The miniature blossoms are only about the diameter of a silver dollar when they are fully open.  They are just too cute! 

Nothing else has survived the frost, snow and even a couple nights of temps in the teens.  I’m happy to let the roses take center stage in the garden.  Who knew they’d be so happy in November?!