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So, I promised my youngest that we would make a special treat tonight. He was off of school on Monday for Veteran’s Day and had been a perfect angel all day long while I was tapping away at my keyboard for much of the day. I owed him.

We sat down together after dinner and skimmed through recipes on Pinterest. (He loves to do this!) He chose a recipe for Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream; a combination of his two favorite things. And it was vegan, too.

It looked easy enough, so we whipped up the coconut cream and puréed pumpkin in the mixer. We added the spices, syrup and vanilla and popped it in the freezer for a while.

We were so anxious to try it that we pulled it out of the freezer before it was totally set. It was still quite soft. But O. M. G. … It tastes EXACTLY like pumpkin pie! I couldn’t believe it.

If you are also a fan of pumpkin pie and ice cream, even if you’re not vegan, I highly recommend you try this recipe! You can find the recipe at Tiny Inlkings HERE.