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Lately the projects around my home that have kept me busy have been purely out of necessity. Quick fixes for random things throughout the house that simply weren’t working for us. The window treatments in our master bedroom was one such project. The existing roman shades were dingy white and broken. They hung lopsided halfway up the window frame and I was sick of looking at them.

The window is located on the east side of the house, so at the break of dawn we’d often wake up to a face full of sunshine. And if a neighbor happened to be in their backyard while we were getting dressed? Well, then the they’d get a peep show. Something had to give….

One day I woke up in a particularly bad mood and decided it was time to do something about this window. I sifted through my fabric stash and found nothing suitable for this window. But I remembered seeing something on Pinterest about using bed sheets to sew together a duvet cover or something…. It occurred to me that a king size flat sheet would be the perfect size for my window!

Using a flat bed sheet for a curtain is so easy, I didn’t feel the need to post a tutorial here. If you have a flat sheet, some matching thread and a sewing machine you can throw this together in 5 minutes.

Of course, I measured the window. Then I just folded over that top part of the sheet, you know that part with the nice seam?… I folded that in half and sewed a straight line right along that existing seam. It worked like a charm. I hemmed the length to my liking and viola! New curtains.

I know they are nothing fancy, but these made such a difference in this room! The material is dark enough to provide privacy, yet sheer enough to allow a bit of light to filter through. So, now that is fixed and I can focus on perhaps decorating the blank walls of our master bedroom, unless something else breaks…. There’s always some kind of project to do around this house.