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It’s that time of year when everybody I know on Facebook starts with the ‘Daily Gratitude’ posts. And while I do love them… They are always so sweet… They get to be pretty cookie-cutter-like-unoriginal after a while. And while I, too, thank my lucky stars everyday for my 2 brilliant little boys (who are not so little anymore!), my siblings, grandparents, and so on and so forth…. I find myself racking my brain, digging deep into my heart for something that I am truly thankful for, but something that I don’t often acknowledge. Today it was something so small, so seemingly insignificant, that sparked this incredible desire to dedicate an entire blog post to it. You know, to show my appreciation.

So, today I am thankful for ladybugs. Yes, you read that right: ladybugs. Those cute little red and black polka-dotted insects. They have kept my plants, especially my kale, from being devoured by those nasty, greedy little aphids! They have also showed me that I must have done something right here in this garden, even as a first-timer. I was overjoyed when I saw lots of them around my garden this Fall. I couldn’t even step outside without several of the little cuties landing on my sleeves!

So, thank you Ladybugs! I certainly hope you come visit my garden next year and bring good fortune to my garden from here on after.