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While the flowers are succumbing to the colder weather, things are booming at my local farmer’s market; Sunscape Farms.  One day I aspire to have a grand and bountiful, edible garden of my own.  But since this was my first year in this home, and growing a garden, I started out simple and small.  From what I planted in my raised vegetable garden beds, it turned out to be hit or miss.  Some plants did well; others just struggled to produce anything at all.  I am perfectly content with making weekly trips to the market.  There are lots of reasons why I shop there, vs. my local grocery store, for produce.  Here are my top 10, in no particular order.

  1. I’m reducing my family’s carbon footprint by purchasing locally-grown, organic produce.
  2. Also, adding to the effect of the reason above; I am blessed to live right down the street from my local farmer’s market.  So I almost always walk up there.  These walks through my scenic neighborhood are so good for my soul, my sanity…. and my waistline.
  3. The prices are very reasonable!  Compared to the price tag on organic produce at the grocery store, I find that the prices at the Farmer’s Market are the same, and often times much cheaper.
  4. They usually have a great variety of seasonal fruits and veggies.
  5. Unique fruits and veggies that are often difficult to come by at the grocery store are readily available at the Farmer’s Market.  Romanesco broccoli, Japanese eggplant, purple cauliflower and apple-pears are a few of my personal faves.
  6. Knowing that I am supporting my community by giving my business to the local farmers and not the big box stores and corporations makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
  7. I just feel better all around when I eat produce that is in season.  It’s like my body is in sync with nature.
  8. I can teach my kids how the food actually gets to their plate.  At my local market, part of the farm is actually right there surrounding the little fruit stand.  I like knowing exactly where my food is coming from (especially these days!).  I can see it and so can my kids, and I do believe that teaches them a lot about the world we live in.
  9. Freshness!  I know that my food hasn’t traveled miles or even oceans, to get to me.  And I can taste the difference.
  10. Did I mention there’s no chemical garbage in this local food I feed my family?!

Having lived in the Metropolitan Phoenix area for most of my life, I know just how lucky I am to live so close to a Farmer’s Market.  It just flat-out was not possible for me to get seasonal, organic locally-grown produce when I lived there.  This is the very reason I am so grateful that I can enjoy the lifestyle I have now, here in Upstate New York.


Do you shop at a Farmer’s Market?

And if so, what do YOU love about it?