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It’s late October and here in upstate New York we’ve already had a couple of frosts. But my flowers were handling the dropping temps surprisingly well. I mean, my roses still had color and I had even noticed a few new buds on them just yesterday! I had no idea they were so hardy.

This morning, with a steaming hot mug of java in hand, I gazed out through my kitchen window & saw the frosty grass glistening in the sunlight. Apparently, we had a hard frost last night. So, farewell flowers! Looks like Jack Frost is settling in for a while.

Goodbye, my big beautiful dahlias!
(I’ll be digging up these tubers & storing them over the winter. Look for a post on that soon.)

Au revoir, Zinnias!
(Since these are annuals, they will be cut down & tossed in with the compost.)

…. Until we meet again next Summer!